3 Smart Steps To Sparking A Cyber Monday Sales Spike

Cyber Monday is one week away! It’s the day when many a holiday shopper will be surfing the internet in search of the best deals. Is your online store prepared to welcome the extra traffic? More importantly, is your site designed in a way that will keep visitors browsing and making purchases? There are few things you should do to make sure your business enjoys a successful Cyber Monday today.

Here are three smart steps to sparking a Cyber Monday sales spike:

1. Get busy on social media.

This week, it will be imperative for you to go social media crazy. Utilize your Instagram, X and Facebook accounts to let all of your friends and followers know about your amazing Cyber Monday promotions. Be sure to include links to your online shop and provide photos of some of your most popular gift ideas in your posts.

“Make sure your social media profiles are curated with aesthetic pictures of the products you want to sell, and testimonials from happy shoppers,” encourages eDesk, “Video content is becoming increasingly popular, so including videos of your products or services in action is a great way to clinch a sale from a potential customer.”

2. Update your FAQ page.

Online shoppers need answers to their questions quickly. If your site doesn’t offer ample information about such topics as shipping costs, expected delivery dates, return policies and product information, it will send visitors away. Be sure to update your FAQ page so that your online store is regarded as informative, user-friendly and easy to navigate. It will go a long way in encouraging customers to follow through on their purchases.

“Whether or not your shipping, returns or other FAQ have changed, Black Friday Cyber Monday is likely to attract a lot of new customers who don’t know your store and policies,” writes Jay Leonard on Business2Community.com, “Make sure you display this prominently, to help answer questions before your potential shopper has even asked. This will help your store seem more trustworthy while also streamlining your customer service as much as possible.”

3. Offer free shipping.

On Privy.com, Lauren Hall reports that more than one out of every three online shoppers expect for brands to offer free shipping for their online orders. If you’re looking to outshine your many competitors during Cyber Monday – a day when consumers are looking for the best bargains – it’s a wise choice to eliminate shipping fees.

“If you choose to offer free shipping this holiday season, you need an attention-grabbing way to let people know about it,” informs Hall, “Don’t make visitors search to find out if their order qualifies for free shipping. That’s where a free shipping bar comes in. It’s a bar that sits at the top of visitors’ screens, encouraging them to spend more in exchange for free shipping.”

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