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This only signifies the guaranteed minimum amount readily available to you. Feel free to request a higher sum up to $350,000 to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Unlock the Benefits of a Cash Advance

MCA, or Merchant Cash Advance, represents a lump sum of capital that you can anticipate receiving from Greenbox Capital.

With this amount, you have the freedom of choice to:

And a variety of other activities tailored to promote your business growth.

Why Choose Greenbox Capital as Your Preferred Funding Partner

Greenbox Capital’s flexible approval criteria assess the overall health of your business, not solely relying on credit scores.

Fast approval and get funded within 24 hours, enabling you to initiate growth from day one.

We ensure Divvia customers secure the best possible rates, optimizing your potential for growth.

Freedom to choose from our tailored repayment options with early pay off discounts.

A Guide to Access Funds

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