Happy Holidays From The Divvia Family To Yours!

The Divvia team would like to send its warmest wishes to everyone celebrating the holidays. No matter which holidays you celebrate, or even if you don’t particularly celebrate any, we certainly hope that the days to come are filled with joy. Here’s hoping you’re able to spend time with your loved ones and truly enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. Before we take time away from work, allow us to remind you of the benefits of working with Divvia throughout the year.

We offer a wide variety of payment terminals.

Our payment terminals include the Poynt Newland 910, the Ingenico Desk 5000, the Ingenico Move 5000 and the Poynt Smart Terminal. This Android-based terminal has a suite of business management tools that allow you to keep track of all your orders, reports and inventory in one place. Using your Poynt HQ dashboard easily manages everything from transactions to customer analytics on an all-time basis.

We offer a secure mobile solution.

You can now accept mobile payments anywhere you are! Known as Converge, our mobile solution removes boundaries and adds incremental value with mobile POS acceptance. It provides you with extensive reporting and the flexibility to adapt your payment solution as your business grows. Converge’s secure mobile POS system allows you to accept payments quickly and securely anywhere, at any time without a major investment of money or effort.

We turn your computers into payment terminals.

Converge also converts computers into Virtual Terminals! If you have a PC, you can take payments quickly and securely, anywhere and at any time. The Converge payment gateway is a complete hosted payment solution that instantly transforms your PCs into “virtual” payment terminals. It accepts a full range of payment types including credit cards debit cards, electronic checks and gift cards.

We enable you to sell products online.

Divvia offers a secure e-commerce solution that lets you easily and securely accept and process all credit cards from your website. Secure real-time transaction processing and advanced risk management tools protect your online business from fraud. As well, because merchants have a direct connection to our powerful and reliable processing network, you can eliminate the costs and complexities of dealing with a third-party gateway provider.

We provide e-gift cards.

Electronic gift cards encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long. The booming stored value card accounts for billions of dollars per year in sales for retailers nationwide. Our Electronic Gift Card Program (EGC) is the perfect solution to lay claim to your stake in a new era of consumer spending.

We offer Taliup Register.

With Taliup Register, you can unleash the power of big business capabilities. This one-stop cash register that does it all! It is designed to streamline your in-store operations so you can get more done, with much less.

We offer merchant cash advances.

As Canadian business owners, we understand that when an opportunity or unexpected emergency presents itself, timing is everything. That’s why at Divvia, we are happy to offer a merchant cash advance program that can get you the funds your business needs in less than 24 hours!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or send us a message on our Contact Us page. Happy Holidays!

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