How Gift Cards Can Actually Make Your Mother’s Day

At Divvia, we’re big advocates for gift cards. We know that they make great gifts for just about everyone. Yes, that includes our wonderful mothers on their very special day! This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 1th. It’s just a few days away! How will you be celebrating the mommies in your life?

As you know, gift cards allow their recipients to buy whatever they like. These amazing little rectangular pieces of plastic represent the elimination of returned items that are either the wrong size, the wrong colour or just simply…wrong! With gift cards, a gift giver can’t go wrong. As long as he or she is selecting a store that the recipient enjoys visiting, a gift card makes a perfect gift.

Is your mother the do-it-yourself type?

As mentioned, a gift card purchaser’s only job is to select a store that a recipient likes. If your mom likes to improve her home and is generally handy around the house, selecting a card that will satisfy her itch to D-I-Y is a great idea. Fathers aren’t the only ones who like picking up tools for household repairs. Just ask Shelley Hunter of

“Are you honouring a D-I-Y mom this Mother’s Day?” she asks, “Then give her a gift card that she can use for her next project at her favourite home improvement store, craft store or cooking store. Deliver the card with a new measuring cup, tape measure, ruler or other measuring gadget. Write a note such as ‘No one measures up to you’ or ‘It’s impossible to measure how much we appreciate you.’”

Does your mom have a green thumb?

What makes gift cards special is that they show understandings of people’s interests. Practically every mother expects flowers and chocolate on Mother’s Day. But does that mean every mother really likes flowers and chocolate? If your mom is the gardening type, consider a gift card from a gardening store.

“If the mom in your life likes to get her hands dirty, then get her a gift card to a local garden centre,” advises Hunter, “Deliver the garden store gift card inside of a planter box with thumbprint art from the grandkids. You can make thumbprint ladybugs, handprint flowers, two-hand spiders and more. A quick search of ‘kid handprint planter’ on Google will provide you plenty of ideas.”

Is your store one where people can do their Mother’s Day shopping?

Of course, we could go on and on about the various gift cards that would make great Mother’s Day presents. But is your store one of the many making gift cards available to its customers? If not, you’re missing out on a great number of sales.

Divvia has a long history of proving that when our clients make electronic gift cards available to their customers, they inspire repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long. For more information about how you can begin selling e-gift cards to your customers in time for Mother’s Day, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or send us a message on our Contact Us page.

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