How To Bring Your Food Truck Business Great Success This Summer

With the official start of summer taking place in less than a month, there is a particular type of business that is bound to see a significant increase in sales. As the title of this week’s blog has clearly given away, we’re talking about food trucks. Who doesn’t love the smell of delicious foods on a hot and sunny summer day spent in the park, by the beach, poolside or anywhere else where there are enjoyable festivities taking place?

What can you do to bring your food truck business great success this summer?

Offer something no other food truck offers.

Being original is a key ingredient to having a successful food truck business. There are all types of food trucks out there. Therefore, coming up with a unique concept for your business and offering menu items that no other food truck offers is a great way to set your brand apart. Vegan menu options, for example, are growing in popularity. However, food trucks and healthy eating don’t always go hand in hand. Might your food truck be the one to offer healthy alternatives?

“What is the most popular food truck cuisine in your city?” asks Briana Morgaine on, “Is your town populated with endless carts serving up sandwiches? If so, that’s one thing you shouldn’t be serving. This is one instance where going against the grain will help your food truck make more money and bring in more customers. To make more money as a food truck, you’ll need to find a specific food truck niche that no other cart is occupying.”

Attend local festivals.

Summer is a time when festivals occur practically every weekend. Festival-goers expect to see food trucks at the events they attend. So, it should probably go without saying that your food truck needs to be present where large crowds of people are gathering. Naturally, the entire point of owning a food truck business is to take your business on the road. Be sure to be where your customers are!

“Want to bring in more money for your food truck without radically changing your offerings?” Morgaine asks, “Take your food truck on the road. By attending local fairs and festivals, you’ll be maximizing your visibility and positioning your food truck where crowds of hungry diners will be congregated.”

Provide catering services.

What happens when summer comes to a close? Do you close down your business? Of course not! Catering special events is an excellent way to keep your food truck business going without necessarily offering your menu items directly from your food truck.

“Catering is a great way to not only make more money in the food truck industry but it is one of the best ways to network (spoiler: you never know who you are going to meet at a catering gig),” points out, “Plus, if you live in a place in which cold weather tends to take over during the winter, meaning your truck operates on limited hours, then catering makes it possible for you to continue making consistent money.”

Accept payments with the Poynt Smart Terminal.

The completely wireless Poynt Smart Terminal accepts all payments types! It comes with a suite of business management tools that allow you to keep track of all your orders, reports and inventory in one place. To learn more about all of our top-of-the-line payment terminals, please don’t hesitate to call Divvia at 1-877-748-2884 or send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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