Is It Possible To Process Sales While On Vacation?

Hanukkah started last week Thursday and goes until Friday this week. Christmas Day will be here on the 25th of course. Kwanzaa starts the day after and goes until New Year’s Day. We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season! For many people, this time of year means gathering with family members and friends for feasts and gift-giving. For many others, this time of year is synonymous with vacation time

Vacationing, especially in those warm – often tropical – countries, is a favourite pastime of many a Canadian who can’t stand the cold. That goes double for business owners. You can’t blame the hardworking entrepreneur for wanting to take a break! But, when taking that break, you still need to ensure that business remains business. So is it possible to process sales while you’re on vacation?

Go hard on pushing sales prior to your vacation.

If you run a small business and your absence is likely to result in a significant dip in sales, it’s wise to put in a major push before you hit the beach. Contact your clients to let them know about the specials you’re offering or the new products you have available. By putting a concerted effort into boosting sales prior to your trip, you won’t take such a hard hit while you’re on vacation.

QuickBooks encourages business owners to get in touch with their important clients prior to the starts of their vacations. “Before taking time off work, give your most important clients advance notice,” advises their website, “This way, you can work out potential issues or project details before they become a problem. Additionally, considering a customer’s needs before starting your vacation shows how much their business matters to you.”

Send out an email marketing blast before your trip.

The wonderful worldwide web has provided us all with so many new opportunities to push sales. Before the internet existed, we predominantly stuck to hand to hand sales with some mail order shipments thrown in for good measure. But today, between online shopping and social media marketing, the net has proven to be a business owner’s dream. Utilize it by sending out a special holiday email to your list of subscribers.

In your email, remind readers about the various gifts your company has available for purchase. Don’t forget to highlight your special deals and discounts! “Email marketing yields a near 4000% return on investment, and the email newsletters are a crucial contributor to that success,” reports, “It proved to be the most commonly used type of email for engaging with the clients.”

Take advantage of Converge!

Designed for small businesses, Converge transforms your mobile devices into convenient portable payment terminals. No matter where you may be vacationing, you will have the ability to accept credit card and debit card payments quickly and securely. Converge’s leading payment gateway includes extensive reporting and the flexibility to adapt your payment solution as your business grows.

Are you planning a vacation this holiday season? Please don’t hesitate to get in with with Divvia to learn all about this unique Mobile Payments solution! Give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 or send us a message on our Contact Us page.

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