Is Your Restaurant A Top Choice For Holiday Celebrations?

During the holiday shopping season, people don’t just want to shop…they want to eat! Arguably, nothing gets an appetite worked up more than a long day of holiday shopping. Even when people aren’t in the shopping mood, the holiday season always puts people in an eating mood. So what do you have planned to ensure that your restaurant is considered a top choice for holiday celebrations?

Advertise your availability for holiday parties.

Within the weeks to come, businesses from all industries will be hosting their holiday parties. For many, the easiest way to host a party is to do so at an establishment that provides an inviting and festive environment as well as excellent eats. Utilize both online and offline methods of communicating that your restaurant is available for holiday party bookings.

Most area businesses will have a holiday party or team lunches for their employees. They can be either catered in or in-person. Send samples and catering menus to nearby offices or places of business. Invite your recipients to try your restaurant for their holiday parties, lunches and dinners.

Post mouth-watering photos online.

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never rung truer than it does today. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, the act of taking and sharing a photo is more popular than ever. It’s practically a must you take to your social media accounts and post vivid photos of your most delicious menu items.

“Restaurants should use Facebook and Instagram, at a minimum, to promote deals and new menu offerings,” insists DAR PRO Solutions, “During the holidays, it’s important to post festive pictures of your seasonal offerings. Remember to include your store hours, and possibly the price, alongside the photos.”

Partner up with nearby businesses.

As long as the businesses that operate in and around your area aren’t restaurants, they can be allies. Visit them and find out if you can engage in a mutually beneficial advertising campaign. It can be as simple as leaving your menus and flyers at their locations while you offer to do the same for them. Customers can just bring in the flyers to receive special offers. This could be a great way to attract hungry shoppers to your restaurant to refuel.

Promote your gift cards.

A delicious meal is regularly seen as an amazing holiday gift. Restaurant gift cards are big sellers at this time of year. Advertise the fact that your restaurant has them available. Advise your wait staff to pass along that information to all of your customers.

“As you see your foot traffic increase, take the opportunity to remind your customers about their loved ones and friends,” agrees DAR PRO Solutions, “Gift cards should be prominently displayed by the cash register and promoted on your website and social media channels.”

At Divvia, we’re proud of our history of offering our clients electronic gift cards which are known to bring more customers into their establishments. For information on how you can begin to take advantage of them, call us at 1-877-748-2884 or send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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