Taking Your Business On The Road For Sweeter Summer Success

Are you ready for the summer to arrive? With June now in full swing, the hot and sunny season is almost here! On June 20th, it becomes official. The summer is such a wonderful time, isn’t it? Summer is particularly special for Canadians because we honestly spend far too long waiting for winter to be over.

As a Canadian business owner, the warmest months of the year provide you with many lucrative opportunities. Firstly, hot and sunny days encourage people to come out of their homes a lot more often. That means you have greater potential to welcome more customers into your store. Secondly, the summertime gives you the option of taking your business on the road. Who says that you have to stay cooped up inside your place of business all summer long?

Be where your customer base is.

It’s important to do your research. Which summer events are most likely to attract the members of your company’s target audience? That’s where you need to be this summer. It makes no sense to rent a booth and become a vendor at an event that has nothing to do with your industry. On the other hand, an event that welcomes individuals who you regularly service is one where you need to have a presence.

“Does your business benefit from local clients?” asks Russell Palmer of The Portable Bar Company, “If the answer is yes, event marketing at local summer events like fairs, carnivals, food & beverage festivals, charity events, regional trade shows and outdoor concerts can be beneficial. Regularly interacting in the relevant market place can provide the perfect opportunity to draw attention to your business and gain new customers.”

Take your business on the road – literally!

Have you ever considered getting a vehicle wrap design for your company vehicle? Industry experts continually insist that vehicle wraps are among the most cost-effective of marketing methods. Just think about how many people your marketing message will reach when it’s strapped to your car or truck.

According to Bonnita Calhoun of South Florida’s Stellar Signs & Graphics, vehicle wraps can turn traffic jams into big marketing opportunities. “What do drivers stare at when they’re stuck in traffic?” she asks, “You guessed it – other cars, of course. If your company vehicle is designed with an eye-catching vehicle wrap, it will grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike. What other marketing method does that?”

Turn your phone into your terminal.

For most business owners, there is a concern that leaving the store means leaving behind the ability to get paid. These days, that certainly isn’t the case. Wireless technology enables us to take our businesses with us – so to speak. Your phone, for example, no longer needs to be connected to the wall. Forwarding your business phone to your smartphone allows you to take your office on the road.

The same can be said for your POS terminals. With a Mobile Payments solution from Divvia, you can accept payments without boundaries. It’s a secure, complete payment solution that transforms mobile devices into terminals. It allows you to accept payments quickly and securely anywhere, any time without a major investment of money or effort. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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