Turning This Year’s Cyber Monday Into Your Most Successful One Ever

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 24. Traditionally following Thanksgiving in the United States, the day is well known as the busiest shopping day of the year. Retailers from all over North America offer significant discounts on their most highly sought-after products. If you’re conjuring up images of long line ups and stampedes, you know what Black Friday is all about! In spite of the savings, many people like to avoid it.

Instead, they much prefer Cyber Monday. The Monday that follows Black Friday – November 27th this year – is known as the online equivalent of Black Friday. Cyber Monday is when online retailers offer their shoppers major bargains. Is your online store prepared for the big day? What can you do to make this forthcoming Cyber Monday your most successful one ever?

Turn your homepage into a billboard.

It must be immediately undeniable to your website’s visitors that your business is offering significant Cyber Monday discounts. No one who visits your site this week should be left wondering whether or not they can return for the big day. As Matt Ellis encourages on Pagely.com, you should let your customers know you’re participating in Cyber Monday by prominently advertising your deals.

“The most obvious and popular option is the homepage banner,” he explains, “This is traditionally where sites put their most important content, so announcing the details of your Cyber Monday deals here will both tell your shoppers what they need to know, and demonstrate that your company also considers these deals important.”

Publish a gift guide.

In addition to offering sweet savings to all of your online shop’s visitors, it’s wise to find other ways to make their holiday shopping adventures a lot easier. One way is to publish a gift guide on your site. It’s the answer to the question, “What should I buy?” which is often asked by those who are unsure of what they’re looking for.

“Considering that most people already have shopping on their minds, gifts guides are a smart choice in general,” says Ellis, “A lot of people across many different demographics have difficulty deciding which gifts to buy for their friends and family. A well-written gift guide answers their questions, establishes your brand as an expert on the topic, and lets you promote your products.”

Contact your top supporters.

There’s no one better than your current customers to get in touch with during the always-busy holiday shopping season. It’s often said that it’s much easier and more effective to promote to existing supporters than it is to attempt to draw the attention of new would-be customers. Go the tried-and-true route of reaching out to your past customers via email and let them know your site caters to all of their Cyber Monday gift shopping needs.

If, for some reason, you’ve yet to take advantage of the popularity of online shopping, please don’t hesitate to contact Divvia to learn about our safe and secure e-commerce solution. It enables you to easily and securely accept and process all credit cards from your website. Call us at 1-877-748-2884. You can also send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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