Why Do Canadians Love Pay-At-Table Payment Options?

Once upon a time, Canadian restaurant patrons were forced to give their credit cards to their waiters in order to pay for their meals. Waiters would take the credit cards to undisclosed locations of their restaurants in order to process the transactions. They would then return with the credit cards along with slips of paper for the credit cardholders to sign. This was commonplace during a time when pay-at-table options were not yet invented.

In today’s world, this type of transaction is no longer necessary. In fact, by most people’s standards, it’s pretty archaic. Giving up your credit card (literally letting it out of your sight in the hands of a complete stranger) isn’t exactly a smart practice if you’re looking to prevent fraudulent activity. Today, customers no longer have to fear the possibility of fraud.

Pay-at-table options provide security!

Thanks to wireless technology, Canadian restaurant patrons always have their credit cards kept on their persons. They punch in PIN codes or simply tap the terminals with their cards to process transactions right where they were eating. Not only does this entire process help to prevent fraud but, quite obviously, it makes the entire transaction so much more convenient for everyone.

Here’s just one example. It’s often difficult to determine exactly what will be owed by the end of a meal. Between the food order, taxes and tip, most customers can only wage guesses as to what their meals will cost. In other words, having exact change isn’t all that easy. It’s a lot more convenient to simply place the purchase amount on a credit card.

Pay-at-table options are quick and easy!

On Wisebread.com, Nora Dunn explains that the “quick and easy” transaction process is one of the top reasons she uses her credit card for everything. Worrying about correct change has become a thing of the past for her. “Swiping or dipping a card these days is often as quick as (if not faster than) paying with cash and counting out coins,” she reveals.

Dunn also highlights the benefits of never having go out of her way to locate cash. “I don’t have to make stops to ATMs to keep enough cash in my wallet, which is also one less thing to remember to bring whenever I head out the door,” she writes, “Not to mention the less I have to deal with storing and keeping track of loose change, the better.”

Pay-at-table options make life so much easier for all involved!

The act of bringing the terminal to the cardholder is known to improve customer satisfaction and cardholder security. The card is always in your customer’s control, helping to ensure that cardholder data is never lost or stolen. Not to mention, it makes life a lot easier on wait staff when you allow customers to process their credit card and debit card payments independently.

At Divvia, we offer Canadian restaurant owners a wide variety of wireless payment terminals to use as the perfect pay-at-table solution. They include the Poynt Smart Terminal, the Poynt Newland 910 and the Ingenico Move 5000. To learn all about them, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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