Why It’s So Important To Go Wireless At Your Restaurant

In 2023, just about all of our technology has wireless capabilities, doesn’t it? We’ve lived for decades knowing we can speak on the phone without having the device connected into a socket. However, these days we’re pretty much used to doing all tasks on wireless devices. Streaming music and movies, surfing the internet for information and paying for our purchases are all actions that can be completed on wireless devices.

As a restaurant owner, you should be especially interested in that last one. Using wireless payment terminals is a wondrous thing for your eatery!

Going wireless allows you to seat more customers.

No matter your business, customers expect excellent customer service. Naturally, this entails warmth and kindness from the employees that represent your brand. In the restaurant industry, it is vital to provide great service. Part of doing so involves expeditious service. With a wireless terminal, the payment portion of the dining out experience is so much quicker. It eliminates the need for customers to give up their credit cards in exchange for quick tapping processes.

With payments being processed quicker, restaurants are able to turn over seats in greater numbers. As a result, eateries seat more guests and make more money.

Wireless terminals encourage larger tips for wait staff.

Remember when you had to calculate tips in your mind? When dispensing cash, you pretty much have to figure out for yourself how much 10% or 15% of a bill is. Most customers would simply slip some cash that they believed was as close to a valid tip as possible. The exact percentage was left undetermined. With a wireless payment option, tips are calculated for customers. They can easily select the percentage amounts, helping for tips to generally be larger!

“When you reduce the time and hassle associated with payment, diners and servers don’t have short, choppy interactions at the end of the meal,” explains Korry D. of TouchBistro, “One efficient payment process at the end means they can keep great customer service going, which can increase the chance of a great tip. And the tip calculating feature helps math-challenged people to leave a proper 15% to 20% (or more) tip. Better tips make for happier, more engaged employees.”

Wireless terminals reduce the risk of employee fraud.

It isn’t possible to steal a payment if it’s inputted electronically. With a pay-at-table solution, all aspects of the payment process are done quickly and securely. That way, as Korry D. puts it, you can enjoy the same peace of mind your diners experience when you consider the security benefits associated with pay-at-table terminals.

“With the entire process taking place right in front of the customer, there’s considerably less opportunity for credit card fraud or employee theft,” he writes, “You can put your focus on training your staff to be great employees instead of trying to weed out possible fraudsters on the payroll.”

Divvia proudly offers restaurant owners pay-at-table solutions via the Poynt Newland 910 and Ingenico Move 5000! They are both perfect for table-side, in-aisle or on-the-go payments. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884. You may also send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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