4 Benefits Of Becoming A Trade Show Vendor This Summer

Trade shows happen all year round. However, with the summer now in full swing, you’re bound to catch wind of many different events popping up all over the place. As a business owner, it’s clearly important to be where the people are. Trade shows, of course, are where businesspeople are. So that’s where you need to be!

Here are four benefits of becoming a trade show vendor this summer:

1. It gives you face time with other business professionals.

There’s nothing like rubbing elbows with industry experts to grow your knowledge base and boost your company’s brand image. At trade shows, you’re surrounded by professionals who are all looking to grow their brands. These events give you many opportunities to potentially forge new partnerships and boost your sales.

As Chad Otar puts it on Forbes.com, “you know the people attending trade shows are at the very least interested in what you have to offer, and are more likely to listen to pitches, network with you and your team, or even purchase what you have on offer right there on the spot if it fits their needs and their budget.”

2. It helps your staff members to become more experienced.

A trade show is an excellent place for on-the-job training. The members of your team, who are in attendance, will get great opportunities to speak with like-minded, forward-thinking businesspeople. Of course, they will also get the opportunity to meet and greet numerous members of your target audience. Your staff members will become more seasoned employees as they develop customer relationships and explain your brand messaging.

The Business Development Bank of Canada advises business owners to ensure they have enough staff at their booths. “It’s really difficult for one person to engage more than six visitors per hour in meaningful conversation,” warns their website, “So, plan accordingly and remember there will be peak times when you may be swamped, and there will be times where there are no visitors at all.”

3. You get the opportunity to analyze the competition.

A great way to separate your brand from its competitors is to know exactly what your competition is up to. Trade shows don’t just enable you to promote your products and services. These events also give you opportunities to see how other businesses are pushing their wares. As Otar encourages, small businesses should take advantage of trade show events to x-ray the competition.

“Nowhere else will you have this many opportunities to learn from the more established, most successful companies in a market or industry,” he writes, “Nowhere else will all their ‘secrets’ be on full display, and nowhere else are you going to be able to get the kind of inside information and insight from their sales and marketing teams—and potentially even high-level executives—with as much freedom and as much transparency as you will at a trade show.”

4. You will process more sales.

As we said earlier, it’s important to be where the people are. With so many people attending trade shows, you are given many chances to significantly grow your sales. With the help of Divvia’s mobile payments solution, you can transform any of your mobile devices into terminals. That way, you can accept payments quickly and securely anywhere, at any time!

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