How To Make Your Online Store An Internet Stand Out

In today’s world, you practically don’t exist if you’re not online. The majority of consumers research businesses on the internet before either visiting them in person or making online purchases. It should go without saying that your company needs to invest in an e-commerce solution if it hasn’t done so already. But with so many online stores in existence, what can you do to make your online store an internet stand out?

Provide an easy and seamless user experience.

Never forget that even the most internet-obsessed individuals aren’t always tech savvy. They want to be able to visit websites and have no trouble navigating from one page to the next. The key word here is “convenience”. Is your e-commerce site easy to use? Can it be accessed on any device? Are there tabs that clearly show where visitors can find what they are looking for? Making your site easy to access and easy to use will make it a go-to destination for online shoppers.

“Getting visitors to your website is the hard part, so your site should be designed to make the steps to purchasing as simple and pleasurable as possible,” writes Dale Hornidge on, “Nothing frustrates consumers more than a website that is slow, unclear and unprofessional looking.”

Launch special promotions on a regular basis.

The key to garnering repeat visits from consumers isn’t to simply offer the lowest prices. Sometimes, “cheap” connotes “poor quality”. Instead, seek to give your site’s visitors something new and exciting with each visit. By offering special promotions on a regular basis, you showcase your e-commerce site as a place where people can go to save money. Just as importantly, it declares that there is always something NEW to check out.

“According to recent data, 78% of all online shoppers say that being offered discounts is their #one reason for making a purchase on any given site – even if it means spending more than they intended!” reports the U.K.’s Smart Starter, “This information clearly shows how vital promotions are in driving sales among your target audience.”

Ask for testimonials.

There is simply no better type of promotion than word of mouth promotion. Consumers trust other consumers more than they do elaborate advertising campaigns. Contact your loyal customers and ask them if they would be willing to publicly share their experiences with your brand. Place those testimonials on your site and social media pages. They will encourage a lot more clicks!

“Social proof comes in a lot of forms but for e-commerce the most important is customer reviews,” says Hornidge, “That’s because we all love reviews, we trust them and many of us base our entire purchasing decision on them. If you don’t have the customers yet, influencer reviews and testimonials can work just as well.”

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