The Importance Of Offering Your Customers Options

Some people would argue that giving customers too many options will only hurt sales. There’s the thought that the more options you provide your customers, the harder will be for them to make decisions on what they wish to purchase. This concept is often referred to as “decision fatigue”.  This is because when customers are presented with numerous options, they have more trouble deciding what to buy.

Is it better to have more options?

There is also the thought that the more options customers are given, the more comfortable they will feel with their buying choices. With this alternative perspective, it is believed that customers prefer not to be given ultimatums. Instead, they enjoy the feeling of being in control of their buying decisions. “Allowing your customer to choose between two options will allow you to increase your sales by allowing your customer to feel like they’re in control,” writes Chris on

So which of these two perspectives is more reliable? How many options should business owners offer their clientele? At Divvia, we side with the “more options, the better” line of thinking. That isn’t to say that we believe in inundating your customers with an overload of choices. There is strength to the argument that sometimes, it can be too much. After all, the “less is more” concept has often worked wonders.

When it comes to payment options, more is better.

Canadian shoppers have proven that they definitely prefer to be given options when it comes to paying for their purchases. For this reason, cash-only businesses are slowly, but surely becoming things of the past. All across Canada, shoppers have shown that they don’t wish to be relegated to only one payment choice.

Think about it. You enjoy having options too, don’t you? Imagine visiting a restaurant only to find out that they serve just one dish. Options are what customers want. It’s important for you to offer the options that will make them happy. When it comes to paying for purchases, Canadian shoppers want the choice to pay with either credit cards or debit cards in addition to cash.

Offering various payment options is especially important in e-commerce.

Socialnomics explains that offering multiple payment methods on your website can significantly impact your customers’ purchasing experiences. The options, says their website, also helps retailers to retain existing customers, attract new customers, increase sales and encourage repeat buying.

“Apart from attracting new customers, providing multiple payment channels helps enhance the shopping experience for your customers,” reports, “That means fewer customers abandon their carts while shopping on your e-commerce site, increasing your sales. A satisfying shopping experience can increase the likelihood of shoppers coming back to make additional purchases, leading to more loyal, repeat customers. This boosts your sales, improving your bottom line.”

Do you offer various payment options at your place of business?

At Divvia, we believe there is no better way to accept credit card and debit card payments than with the revolutionary Poynt Smart Terminal. This Android-based terminal has a suite of business management tools that allow you to keep track of all your orders, reports and inventory in one place. To learn all about it, please don’t hesitate to call Divvia at 1-877-748-2884 or send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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