How Accepting Credit Cards Can Be The Key To Your Customers’ Hearts

In 2023 and beyond, you’re simply not going to command the respect of consumers if you refuse to accept credit cards and debit cards. Today’s shoppers want – actually, they NEED – payment options. Most people don’t even carry cash on them anymore. They enjoy the safety and security that comes with knowing their lost or stolen cards can easily be replaced.

Not to mention, using credit or debit to pay for purchases makes the entire checkout experience incredibly quick and efficient. Accepting credit cards, therefore, can be considered the key to your customers’ hearts!

It gives consumers more confidence in your brand.

It is so important to today’s shoppers to support businesses that are legitimate. Legitimacy, for most, involves guaranteed high-quality items, incomparable customer service and the acceptance of popularly-used cards. As Pat Redd of Kansas’ BASYS Processing points out, credit card brands like Visa and Mastercard are well recognized. 

“Cardholders trust those brands enough to carry a card in their wallet, and that trust transfers to the merchants who accept those cards,” writes Redd, “By displaying the logos of the cards you accept – at your check-out counter, on your website, and/or on your invoices – you are letting customers know your business can be trusted.  When they trust you, they are more likely to purchase from you and recommend you to others.”

It presents your business as a major player.

In addition to giving customers confidence, you want your industry to see your business as a major player. Today, cash-only businesses are considered “small time”. Not only do they appear to not be able to keep up with current trends, they simply do not satisfy customer demand. According to Marco Carbajo on, taking credit card payments will establish your business in the industry as legitimate.

“Providing both your clients and prospective clients with more options in terms of credit card payments will please them and make them satisfied with your business, which in essence will improve your placement in the market,” he insists.

It attracts younger consumers.

Young people shop. If you want to attract them to your store, it’s vital that you give them the ability to choose how they like to pay. Redd reveals that 69% of Millennials will only shop at a business if they accept credit cards or debit cards. Clearly, it’s important to address the needs and wants of the younger generation to ensure your shop’s success. Credit card acceptance is a great way to do just that.

“The more customers you attract, the greater your chance for additional revenue,” says Redd, “Letting potential customers know that you accept credit cards and debit cards can be a magnet for new business. It broadens your potential customer base quite a bit. As mentioned above, 66% of consumers prefer to use credit cards. With younger customers, that preference is even more dramatic.” 

Take advantage of the Newland 910!

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