How To Promote Your Gift Cards Before Summer’s End

Now that the middle of August is here, we are nearing the end of summer. What are some ways that your store can take advantage of the remaining hot and sunny season? Can anyone say “gift cards”? These amazing little rectangular pieces of plastic are popular all year round – not just during the holidays. What can you do to promote your gift cards during the summer’s second half?

Offer a “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” promotion.

The word “free” is a definite attention grabber. Offer a promotion that lasts throughout August allowing customers to get free gift cards. For example, you can offer a free $15 gift card for everyone who purchases a gift card of at least $50 or greater. You may even wish to offer up free gift cards for customers who make any in-store purchase of $50 or greater. The key, of course, is to generate greater sales and encourage return visits.

“This is a great time to be proactive and plan a holiday gift card promotion (potentially a buy one-get-one free), which customers are allowed to redeem from June through August,” argues, “This has the dual effect of stimulating gift card sales immediately, but with the promise of also boosting sales during the off-peak months.”

Reward your customers.

Consider throwing $10 gift cards into the shopping bags of your customers until the end of August. Be sure to highlight the promotion so that your customers are aware of the added value to their purchases they will be receiving. By gifting small denomination gift cards, you strongly encourage return visits. They will be lucrative during the colder months of the year when people are more prone to staying at home. Of course, the gesture is also an excellent way to say “thank you” to customers for supporting your brand.

“You can use your gift card as a high reward or reward for your store promotions or packages in the package,” suggests Vanessa on, “Some studies show that consumers tend to buy more products when there is a reward or an attached gift. It may encourage customers to purchase more products from your store. As a result, your revenues will increase significantly.”

Market a summertime experience.

There is plenty of summer left! Why not host an event or hold a contest? Anything that can continue to invigorate your customer base during a time of year when they are likely to venture outdoors is a worthwhile idea. By marketing a summertime experience at your place of business, you will encourage a boost in foot traffic. It will enable you to better promote your gift cards to your audience. The more that you sell, the more repeat business you will enjoy.

“Summer is about fun, so shouldn’t your seasonal summer promotions be as well?” asks, “Aside from creating limited edition summer products, you could also consider creating contests or events to engage customers. Challenge your customers to design limited edition summer apparel; the winner gets a gift card!”

Are you taking advantage of the popularity of e-gift cards?

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