4 Ways You Can Make Your Customers’ Lives Easier

All business owners want to impress their customers. They hope that their products and services are judged to be of better quality than their competitors. They also hope that their customer service practices are considered second-to-none. But, at the end of the day, customers simply wish to have great experiences with the companies they support. This can be achieved by your business if it finds ways to make its customers’ lives easier.

Here are four that we would recommend:

1. Demonstrate how your products can help them.

Many customers may be curious about the products you sell simply because they don’t know how they work. It’s one thing to demonstrate the functionality of a product. It’s another thing to convey to them exactly how using the product will better their lives. Everyone wants simple-to-do solutions to their everyday tasks. Do you offer products that can help with that?

“Your customers will love it if the product or service you offer makes their lives easier,” believes Ben Peterson on AllBusiness.com, “Do your customers delight in using it every time? It needs to make them wonder how they ever lived without it. Think about the ‘why’ you do what you do. And think about your customers long and hard. Are their lives simpler because of your product? Is your own life easier for using it? If you can answer a definitive ‘yes,’ then you’re well on your way.”

2. Be an attentive listener.

It is possible to anger your customers when you make even the tiniest mistakes. Quite often, mistakes can be avoided simply by listening intently to what your customers are saying. Accept feedback openly and consider different suggestions given to you by customers that will help you to better your business. No one knows better than them about what will make them happy.

Your customers can provide some really helpful feedback. Successful companies seek out feedback from their customers on a regular basis. They are always willing to listen when customers come to them with opinions, thoughts or advice. Set up an online forum for your clients to submit feedback and requests.

3. Show them they’re appreciated.

You can relieve a lot of tension and gain a lot of favour by telling your customers how much they mean to you. The kind gesture can often be enough to encourage them to keep coming back. You can show your gratitude by outright thanking them or surprising them with discounts now and again. As well, you can simply work to provide them with excellent experiences every time you interact.

“The people on your staff who deal directly with customers need to act like they truly want to help them,” insists Peterson, “Instead of focusing on how many customers they can knock off their call lists, allow them to take their time with each customer. Encourage your staff to use customers’ names in conversations and to really be on the side of the customer and make it personal.”

4. Give them payment options.

No one likes to be limited in their choices. If you’re limiting the payment methods that customers can use to make purchases, you’re bound to lose a lot of customers. These days, most customers don’t even carry cash on their persons. Allowing them to pay with either their credit cards or debit cards is certainly a wise way to go.

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