The Extreme Ease Of Using Mobile Devices To Grow Your Business

Do you know anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone? In today’s world, we receive the vast majority of both our information and our entertainment on our pocket-sized mobile devices. It only makes sense for your business to utilize smartphones to advance the brand. SMS text messaging, for example, is a popular way for businesses to directly communicate with their lists of subscribers.

In what other ways can you utilize your mobile devices to grow your business?

Remain ahead of the curve by surfing the internet.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using a smartphone for business is the access it gives you to the internet. For many people, surfing the worldwide web is an action conducted far more often on smartphones than making phone calls. As well, mobile devices like your tablet are commonly used to research products, services and other businesses. Staying on top of all the goings-on in your industry has never been easier.

“Many cell phones today have the capability of performing many tasks that your computer can,” explains Julia Forneris on, “You can access the Internet, write emails and send documents from wherever you might find yourself. This, in turn, allows you to be on top of time-sensitive issues. For example, if a client needs a proposal as soon as possible and you have already left the office for the day, you can still upload and send the document from your cell phone.”

Work remotely from any location you wish.

All that is required to keep connected to the world is a data network or Wi-Fi connection. With either, you can make and take calls as well as send and receive text and voice messages. A smartphone or tablet gives you the ability to work from anywhere you like.

“Telecommuters tend to have higher morale and are often more productive as they work within minimal distractions,” says, “Both tablets and smartphones that access the internet can deliver similar functions to a stationary computer, allowing the workspace to be anywhere.”  

Connect with clients and colleagues across the globe.

Mobile devices make communication easy. With access to a wide variety of social media platforms and messaging apps, smartphones and tablets have made long distance charges things of the past. If you work with international clients and colleagues, you can easily reach out to them via audio or video calls to conduct meetings and complete projects. As Forneris points out, good communication is essential to successful business practices.

“Cell phones enable you to be in contact with clients across the globe,” she notes, “If you have a telephone meeting with someone in Europe, the time difference is not as much of an issue with cell phones. You can communicate from home on your work cell phone rather than in the office during off hours. Also, if traveling internationally, you can still maintain contact with home because you are reachable on the same number and phone.”

Accept credit card and debit card payments with ease.

With Converge, you can accept credit card and debit card payments using your smartphone or tablet. No matter where you are, this secure mobile payment solution ensures that your customers can make payments with the methods of their choice! To learn all about it, please don’t hesitate to call Divvia at 1-877-748-2884. You may also send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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