3 Good Reasons To Have Live Music At Your Restaurant

As a restaurateur, one of your top objectives is to ensure that the meals prepared for your customers are delicious. That goes without saying. But surely, you’re also well aware that the atmosphere of your restaurant needs to be warm and inviting. People don’t just go to restaurants in order to eat. They also want to enjoy pleasant experiences. This is what makes having live music at your restaurant such a great idea.

Here are three good reasons to have live music at your restaurant:

1. It encourages customers to stay longer to buy more food and drinks.

Live music gives your customers a great reason to stick around. Instead of packing up after their meals, people will hang out to take in the live show your restaurant is offering. This leads to increased sales as audience members will often purchase more food and drinks. On WebstaurantStore.com, Ashley Kufera informs us that businesses that have booked good entertainers have brought in increased profits from drink sales.

“It’s even been proven that higher sound levels from music lead to increased drink consumption,” she writes, “Additionally, hosting a band in your venue livens up the atmosphere, which entices potential customers walking by to come in. You can also draw in a new customer base, since the band’s local fans will most likely show up for the event.”

2. It can draw customers away from other establishments.

Not every restaurant offers their customers live music experiences. As a result, adding this element to the fun that can be had at your eatery will encourage people to choose it over others. This is especially true when you offer live music on particular nights of the week. As RestoBiz.ca suggests, you may want to go against the grain and have live performers entertain your guests early in the week.

“People look for live music most often on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights,” the site notes, “The drawback is that there are a lot of other musical offerings competing to attract listeners during these nights. It might seem counter-intuitive, but if you book live music on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night, and make that a recurring event at your restaurant, you can build a following that makes you a target destination for that evening.”

3. It will get you greater social media exposure.

In 2023, there are few advertising avenues more effective than Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook. Nearly everyone you know is on social media which is what makes the various platforms the perfect ways to promote your business. Utilizing your accounts, you can promote your events and generate a greater buzz for your restaurant.

“Start promoting the event one month in advance so customers’ and the artist’s followers mark their calendars,” recommends Kufera, “As the date draws closer, accelerate your promotion and increase to daily posts the week before. Engage your musicians along the way. If there’s a really great band, singer or instrumentalist, make sure to give them shout-outs on social media platforms, using their handles and hashtags or tagging them in your posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”

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