Why Going Wireless Is A Win For Your Restaurant

It’s the year 2024. Nearly everything is done online. Notably, nearly all online activity takes place on wireless mobile devices. Considering both of these facts, it’s best to ensure that your restaurant isn’t left back somewhere in the 1980s. What we mean is that it is necessary to use wireless technology in order to keep up with the wants and needs of your customers.

Do you offer delivery services? Most hungry consumers go online or use their favourite restaurant apps to order their meals. While the telephone is still a very popular communication tool, it’s the online methods that most consumers are choosing as their chief means of contacting companies. If your restaurant is yet to establish an app for the purpose of allowing people to place orders, you’re hurting your chances of growing your sales.

Wireless technology helps to improve order accuracy.

Consider the difference between having your wait staff write down the orders of your customers and having them use a tablet that sends their orders directly to the kitchen. One of the primary changes made by this use of wireless technology is the time it takes to prepare the order. Naturally, the new way is much quicker. Secondly, it ensures that orders go through correctly. Of course, this leads to much greater customer satisfaction.

“By enabling table-side service in your restaurant, you are ensuring improved order accuracy,” says Brianna Moriarty of Star Micronics, “As the server is taking the customer’s order, they can simultaneously send the order through the point of sale system to the kitchen for preparation…There is less chance of there being missing item from the order or having an order placed incorrectly.”

You can improve your loyalty programs.

Are you still using punch cards as part of your restaurant’s loyalty program? Do you even have a loyalty program? New technologies enable you to integrate a loyalty program into your app. It makes it so easy for customers to earn rewards, encouraging them to provide your establishment with repeat business.

“Now, it’s easier than ever to design a great loyalty program on a standalone app or integrate it with an online program,” reveals Buzztime.com, “Unlike traditional punch cards, online loyalty programs like Level Up provide great marketing insight through the latest restaurant technologies. You can track customer behaviour that may influence your marketing strategy, like how often your customers visit and why.”

Going wireless means much easier bill settlements.

These days, “check please!” requests are made by having both the bill and a POS terminal brought directly to the table. At least, this is how it should go down in restaurants all across Canada.

As Moriarty explains, “with pay at the table capability, customers can simply swipe their card and receive their receipt right at the table, or pay through a mobile app offered through the restaurant without having to wait for the server to bring the check, return to collect the payment, and then print the receipt.”

Go wireless with the revolutionary Poynt Smart Terminal!

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